Form3 supports customers across many business models covering a wide range of different use cases. All of our customers are licensed and regulated financial institutions. Here are a few examples:


Better Services for End-clients

Ebury provides corporates with international financial services that are normally reserved for large companies, including supply chain finance, tailored currency services, cash management and risk management solutions. Ebury serves today over 24,000 corporate clients and has received over 15 international awards recognising it as one of the leading companies in its sector.

How we're helping Ebury:

  • Changing the Corporate FX Experience
  • Issuing to customers real bank account numbers for their clients in multiple markets.
  • Receiving notification of GBP receipts in under two seconds
  • Enabling Merchant and Issuers
  • Issuing to customers real bank account numbers for their clients - replacing the need for manually keyed reference numbers.
  • Making GBP payments in under two seconds

Achieving close connectivity to payment systems is about both understanding local regulation and delivering quality technology - Form3 are unique in that they provide expertise in both.

Juan Lobato, CEO and co-founder of Ebury


Access to New Markets

N26 provides mobile banking services for customers. Its mobile banking services offer online banking that include making and handling of current accounts, fixed accounts, and other banking services, letting customers manage and control their banking details via a smartphone application easily.

How we're helping N26:

  • Issuing to customers real bank account numbers for their clients enabling current accounts, mortgages and loan accounts.
  • Making and receiving Faster Payments in under 10 seconds allowing them to compete with Tier 1 banks.
  • Access to Bacs enabling their clients to receive salary payments and pay direct debits for bills or loans.
  • Simple integration with no need for on-premise technology

“We are really supportive of the Form3 mission to open access to payment systems. This is much needed around the world and helps companies like N26 scale faster globally and build products their customers love to use”

Alexander Weber, Head of International Markets of N26

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