What we offer

Form3 is a processing platform for licensed payment providers. We are developing a complete payments back-office service, with intelligent algorithms to optimise routing, costs and performance.

  • Simple single API, PSD2 ready
  • Modular and configurable structure, to fit your needs
  • Pay-per-transaction no big up front costs
  • No infrastructure hardware or software to manage
  • Enterprise grade security for access and data management
  • Real time processing, 24 x 7 x 365
  • Highly resilient, 24/7, high speed and high availability >99.95%

Services overview

Form3’s payment processing engine and APIs integrate with – and are dedicated to – the wholesale payments market, offering access to Bacs, Faster Payments (batch & real-time), CHAPS, SWIFT and SEPA payments schemes.

Our single set of APIs enables universal access to these schemes and value added services:

  • → Easy access for clients via one platform
  • → Potential to expand services without impacting the user experience
  • → Integrated payment accounts and sanction checking
  • Admin UI
  • Payments Ops UI
  • Monitoring UI
  • Payment API
  • Customer Account API
  • File Exchange API
  • Subscription API
  • Query API
  • Bulk payment and reporting channel, supporting multiple payment types and multiple formats.
  • Format Conversion
  • Content validation
  • Payment work flows
  • Reporting work flows
  • Business rules
  • Reconciliation
  • Exception management
  • Authorisation work flows
  • Batching / Un-batching
  • Smart routing
  • Reporting
  • Alerts
  • Audit
  • Billing
  • Monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Sanctions screening
  • Data validation
  • Direct debit mandate
  • FX rates
  • Proprietary connections to account holding banks.
  • FPS Real-time
  • Bacs & FPS Files
  • Bacs Direct Debits
  • International (SWIFT)
  • SEPA
  • Real time links to external SaaS services providers and client side infrastructure.

Instead of dealing with a complex web of vendors, technologies, customisation, business functions and manual processes, our clients use Form3 to send and receive payments quickly, cost-effectively and reliably via the cloud, with no infrastructure requirements and minimal up-front investment.

The Form3 Financial Cloud brings together every component that is required for payments processing:

Core Banking (DDA) API Management Messaging Services Payment Engine Aggregator / Gateway Form3 Financial Cloud
Account ledger - - - -
REST API - - - -
Flexible Integration - - -
Validation - - - -
Flexible Payment workflow - - - -
Clearing Scheme Connectivity - - - -
Bank Connectivity - - - -
Multi-Tennant, Hosted - - -
Low Cost Setup - - - -
Easily Scalable - -
Low Cost Transaction Fees - - - -

A new way to access payments, that grows with your ambition

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