Cross-Border Payments

We’re removing borders
with the world’s first single API based
global transaction platform.

At Form3, we’re changing the way international payments are made, for the better.

Through our partnership with Ebury, we’re building the world’s first single global transaction platform.

For financial institutions, this means that they can plug into our platform and access a suite of state-of-the-art international payment services and a network to build a tailored payments ecosystem.

  • Expand your cross-border payments offering
    Increase your network reach and build new propositions with speed and an additional suite of value-added services.
  • Simplify your end-user journey
    International payments, pay in and pay out, FX risk management, trade finance and settle above 130 currencies all through one single API integration.
  • Streamline your payments supply chain
    Faster access to data, fewer intermediaries, transparent transaction times, reasonable fees and reliable delivery speed. One platform.


Combine your providers, processes and systems into one engine.

Everything an SME would need in one place
to grow their business internationally

Cash management

  • Simple cross-border payments with up to 130 currencies supported*.
  • Dedicated accounts in 18 countries with up to 30 currencies supported.
  • Pooled accounts in an additional 13 countries with up to 6 currencies supported.

FX Risk Management

  • Breadth of FX hedging solutions including fixed and window forwards, and drawdown options.
  • Minimise cash tied up in forward contracts hedging currency risk.

Trade Finance

  • Working capital solutions to manage import and export.
  • Working capital finance up to £3m for up to 180 days
  • Fast underwriting in under 24 hours.

Designed for financial institutions

Scalable service model

Easily scale using the same connectivity model for domestic and international services

Reduced FX Exposure

Settle in domestic currency to reduce FX exposure

Straightforward Operational Model

Reduce operational processes and simplify your model to improve your customer service and experience

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