Payments pure and simple

Form3 represents a
new model in payment
technology and servicing

Our unique approach to simplifying payments allows Financial Institutions and FinTech companies to spend less on technology and more on developing their business. We bring cloud-based, end-to-end SaaS models to the payments arena for the first time to solve the challenges facing you today.

Form3 enables firms to take advantage of technology innovation and eliminate proprietary infrastructure – while securing data and complying with regulations.


Form3 provides complete and end-to-end Payments-as-a-Service for Financial Institutions and regulated Financial Technology firms: reliable and secure cloud-based access to FPS, BACS, CHAPS, SEPA & SWIFT payment schemes and bank partnerships.


The service enables crystal-clear line of sight into unit cost and performance compared to complex on-site hardware and software. The service, performance and commercial model have all been designed to enable business growth and ensure transparency across the board.


Form3’s API is a single point of simple access to the full universe of payment schemes. Future-proofed at the point of delivery for complete peace of mind, the result is a straight-forward, easy to use and hassle-free Payments-as-a-Service.


Why your business needs Form3


  • Encryption – state of the art security with full encryption.
  • Unrivalled Resilience – ultra high availability, multi region cloud based data centre model.
  • Scalable – fully elastic auto scaling.


  • Continuous community development – benefit from our clients requests for new functionality, features or markets.
  • Easy adoption – access innovations simply and quickly, reducing the barriers to leveraging new opportunities.
  • Commitment to be their early – innovation options from around the world quickly shared with you as a trusted partner.


  • Pay as you use – for all services opex, not capex and transparent.
  • Multi Tenanted – benefit from the buying power of all of our clients.
  • Stream lined onboarding – single integration to the platform keeps upfront costs for new services low.


  • REST API first – ease of real time integration for all of our services.
  • Hosted model – a secure virtual private cloud, no on premise applications or hardware required.
  • Micro Services - cutting edge architecture enables the rapid growth of functionality and features.


  • Regulation compliance as standard – changes in payment regulations applied once across the platform, reducing burden of change.
  • Formats – changes managed seamlessly through your API integration.
  • Markets – each managed service ready and compliant for its local market.


  • Managed Services – choose as many managed services as your business needs – with no restrictions on volumes.
  • Configurable Workflows – standard versions which work straight away, but still offer extensive configuration options – not coding.
  • Connectivity – use API, File or UI to interact in any combination.

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