Powering the future of payments

Who are Form3

We are a complete end to end ‘Payments As A Service’ technology provider.

Our award winning cloud native, real-time payment platform helps banks, fintechs, financial institutions, e-commerce gateways and card providers process a wide range of payments quickly, simply and cost effectively.

we areCloud Technology

our solution isFor Banks and FinTech

allowing themTo Move Money

How we are unique

Market leading cloud payment platform built specifically for the demands of the rapidly evolving regulated payments sector. We deliver the best API first technology available, with in-depth experience in payments.

Simple API

  • Micro services architecture
  • Payment type and Bank agnostic API
  • No hardware or software
  • Continuous platform enhancements

High availability >99.95%

  • Real-time processing across multiple sites
  • No volume limitations
  • Zero downtime for maintenance
  • EU data centres, GDPR compliant

Fully managed service

  • 24 x 7 Operations Team
  • Streamlined on-boarding
  • Real-time system monitoring and alerts
  • Always up to date with payment schemes and regulation


  • ISO 27001 Certified and ISAE 3000 Assurance Report Achieved
  • Full encryption of all data in transit and at rest
  • Security designed at micro-services level not just perimeter defences
  • 24/7 security operations centre

Cost Effective

  • Transparent pricing model
  • Fixed setup fee per payment type
  • Unit fees per payment
  • Free platform/service enhancements
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A new way to make payments

Technological innovation

Form3 removes the need and complexity of managing critical, evolving payment infrastructure. Instead, our customers benefit from the latest technology advancements and can focus on building better customer propositions to grow their business.

Cloud-based payment processing

Form3 takes care of the entire end to end journey of payments, from the moment a payment is instructed, right through the processing, clearing and settlement with national payment schemes.

Our customers include a wide range of regulated financial institutions, including global and regional banks, challenger banks and regulated fintechs (payment institutions, e-money providers, and pre-paid card providers).


Agency bank partnerships

We maintain strong agency bank partnerships to ensure the best commercial terms and highest service levels for our customers.

Our combined offering facilitates agency payment services through clearing and settlement systems including UK Bacs, Faster Payments, SEPA, SWIFT and International payments.

What our customers say

Achieving close connectivity to payment systems is about both understanding local regulation and delivering quality technology - Form3 are unique in that they provide expertise in both.

Case studies

Why partner with Form3


An efficient project delivery and on-boarding with our proven collaborative approach.


Bank and payment scheme independence, selecting the payment processing that meets their needs.


Form3 are committed to shield customers from payment regulation and scheme changes.

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